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Mission Statement:
The Ashley G. Charitable Foundation was established in 2008 with the goal of educating the public about symptoms, treatment, and care of children and teens with lymphoma, to fund research for treatment and to assist patients.


• 2024 Ashley G. Climb - Mt. Kilimanjaro
James Brown and Steve Harmon have been training for months to climb Mt. Kilamajaro in Tanzania, Africa January 4th through 15th. 10 days, 62 miles, and 20,000 feet elevation. We'll be celebrating the completion of the Ashley G. Climb on February 3 at 6:30pm at Dagwoods in Surfside Beach, SC. Join us!

• New Ashley G. Events
Take a look at our Upcoming Events page to see what's going on!

• Allocated Funds:
We have been able to make a difference with your help and donations. We have given over $150,000 to lymphoma research since 2009. We have also awarded 11 college scholarships (2009-2018) for $1,000 each, assisted local families with bills, and we also provided Christmas gifts and hand-made blankets to all of the pediatric oncology patients at MUSC. We will continue to assist future oncology patients at MUSC and Georgetown Hospital.


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